1.Production Engineer
(Experience :– 0 to 1 years)

Education and Qualification :-
■ BE Mechanical
■ Diploma in Mechanical

Key Skills :-

■ Representing the manufacturing department at customer and product development liaison meeting and ensuring effective implementation of design practices to meet customer end.

■ Implementing project schedules and plans in a timely manner.

■ Taking initiation and directing various procedures to increase final outcome of
the organization.

■ planning, determining, coordinating and controlling the process concerning
to production.

■ Providing manufacturing decision making information by calculating production, labor, and material cost.

■ Prepare product and process reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing
management information.

■ Drafting manufacturing documentation and analyzing data, chart, graphs.

■ Meeting schedule deadlines.

Additional Info :
■ Communicating and presetting data effectively.
■ Planning and priorities activates
■ Working in diverse environments.
■ Understanding manufacturing process.
■ Resolving problems in an efficient manner.
■ Applying safety practices.
■ Managing stressful situation and projects.
■ Collaborating in team activates.